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Titan Packaging Machines Ensure Quality Packaging Solutions

Junko FZE is a leader in supplying TITAN packaging machines to various locations of the UAE. Based in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, our company today has a huge clientele from across the world. We sell and supply the packaging equipment brand you recognize like Titan and many more. Our wide packaging equipment range includes skin packaging equipment, shrink wrap sealers and heat tunnels, automatic baggers, modified atmosphere machines with gas flush, vacuum sealers in snorkel and chamber models as well as a variety of heavy duty packaging and heat sealing machines for every industry.

Several Most Popular Varieties of Packaging & Bag Closing Machines:

Titan DK 3700S

Titan DK 3700S is an excellent, double chainstitch bag closing machine that comes on the market with certain useful features.


Packaging Machines Titan
  • Speed: 3200 rpm
  • Stitch length: 8 mm standard
  • Uninterrupted feeding by means of upper and lower transport
  • Synchronised with needle movement preventing each slipping between the stuff coats
  • Hermetically sealed and entirely automatic lubrication


TITAN DK 2500S is a finest, high speed over edging machine used for bags with 2-Threads.


  • Stitch Width : 10 or 12 mm
  • Speed: 2800 Stitches/min.
  • Cutting Device for Edge Trimming
  • Entirely Automatic Lubrication
  • All movements on Ball or Needle Bearings
Bag closing Machine brands available

Newlong, Union Special, Fischbein, Dohle, Armstrong, Keestar, Revo, etc.