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Make Swing Process Smoother With Armstrong Machines

Junko FZE is a reputed name in the field of supplying an extensive range of Armstrong sewing machines. At our store, we have a huge stock of products, including heavy duty bag closing machines, knite wear sewing machines, jumbo bag sewing machine, portable bag closing machine, jute bag sewing machine, belt weaving machine, etc. At present, we are supplying our Armstrong machines and home packaging machines in all over the UAE and also exporting to foreign countries.

Some of the widely used models of sewing machines are:

Model ST-502 HD

Max. Speed (R.P.M) Aprox. : 3000
Working Speed (R.P.M.) Aprox. : 2800 depends on sewing material
Overseam Width (mm) : null
Stitch Range (100 mm) : 11-18
Sewing Capacity (mm) : Up to 6 mm
Thread of Type : PP/PE, Multi Filament, Fabricated Yarn
Lubrication : Automatic

Model ST-602 HR

Max. Speed (R.P.M) Aprox. : 2000
Working Speed (R.P.M.) Aprox. : 1800 depends on sewing material
Overseam Width (mm) : Up to 15 mm
Stitch Range (100 mm) : 7-13
Sewing Capacity (mm) : Up to 12 mm
Thread of Type : Jute, PP Multi Filament, Fabricated Yarn
Lubrication : Semi-Automatic

Bag closing Machine brands available

Newlong, Union Special, Fischbein, TITAN, Dohle, Keestar, Revo, etc.