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Have A Look At Some Vital Facts About Bag Closing Threads

24Threads are used worldwide by individuals and industries for different sewing purposes. They are available in different varieties, including spun polyester, nylon, cotton and polypropylene. Made from high tenacity 100% Polypropylene (PP), Multifilament Yarn (PPMFY), threads come with features. Some of their major characteristics are Low Flammability, Silky Appearance, Non-Biodegradation, Resistant to rot, mildew and other organisms, as well as very high breaking strength to withstand pile test and drop test. The strength and elongation of these bag closing threads remain stable in both dry and wet conditions. They are quite popular in many emirates of the U.A.E, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Here are some important facts about bag sewing threads:

  • The major difference between yarn and thread is that the usage of thread is quite common when it comes to sewing together garments and various other products, while yarn is basically a collection of fibers that is use to weave different fabrics in textile industries. All thread products are made from yarn, but yarn is not made of threads.

  • The first ‘thread’ to be utilized in sewing was made from animal sinew and plant fibers as well.
  • There are three types of threads- plant, animal, and synthetic- based on the materials they are made from.
  • Silk is a perfect example of thread made using animal products. In general, the thread is produced when the caterpillar weaves a cocoon made from silk. Silk is considered to be a very fine, stretchable and strong thread.

  • Cotton is a suitable example of plant fibers primarily utilized in order to make thread. Cotton fibers are spun into a fine yarn and then two or more strands of yarn are twisted together so as to deliver a fine product.  It is common to be shrunk for cotton shrank and they are not as strong as silk thread.

  • Polyester and nylon threads are the best examples made from synthetic materials.
  • 95 per cent of all threads of all kinds made are used in industrial and commercial sewing.

The introduction of the cotton thread industry in the country of England was actually the result of a blockade during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. Simply put, this was responsible for preventing raw silk from entering the country, so the production of silk thread had been restricted in the country. Patrick Clark discovered a method for twisting cotton together so as to make sewing thread.

The information given above will surely help you know some important facts about bag closing threads.