Portable Bag Closing- Designed For Sewing All Kinds Of Bags

1.1-Portable-Bag-Closing-Sewing-Machine1Investing in a portable bag closing machine is a wise decision for food packaging and other industry to ensure quality control and a more effective closure design. These high-speed and heavy-duty machines are available for closing filled bags made from cotton, burlap, woven poly, jute, paper and plastic. The market includes two types of systems depending on the production output – automatic bag feeding sewing machines and Manual bag feeding sewing machines. Automatic bag feeding sewing machines provide a high throughput for large volume producers while manual bag feeding sewing machines provide a cost-effective option for small producers.

Different Enclosure Styles

Bag closing styles are now available in the market in four different formats that are suited to different requirements. These styles are mentioned below:

Plain Closure –  Plain closure is one of the simplest and widely recommended closure for textile, paper lined textile, and paper bags of different sizes. It primarily includes a simple stitch seam without folding or tape.

Fold Over Closure – Fold over closure is known as a wonderful option for plain sewn closures. In this style, the bag top is folded over and later stitched through forming a strong and solid closure solution.

Tape Bound Closure – This type of closure is popular for providing additional security and a sealing mechanism that is primarily concerned with preventing loss or spillage and the bag can be handled without fear of opening.

Tape Over Seam Closure – This bag closure includes being infestation proof, and proper moisture barrier, and is a sift proof closure. This kind of style adds to seam strength and integrity.

There are various different styles of portable bag closing sewing machines. Make sure that you have chosen a supplier that provides technical assistance, quality service and maintenance on the machine in order to ensure continued success.

You can do proper research to find a durable low cost bag closing machine. Quality portable bag closer are suitable for sewing all types of bags. For the increased operator comfort, these machines are fitted with a slip resistant plastic handle that will help users to minimize the weight of the sewer. The market carries a wide range of bag closing machines for the small scale industrial production of goods in bags or sacks. You can also find out the handheld version of the standard bag closing machines for heavy industry. These portable bag closing machines are designed for bags of rice, chemicals, flour, fertilizer, animal feed, gravel, charcoal or anything you can fit in a bag.

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