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Home packaging machines and materials to make your life easy

Home Packaging Machines

Home packaging machines and materials play an important role in minimizing the efforts necessary to pack household items and food. It provides convenient features including ease of access, handling and disposing. These may also serve other functions such as a carrier for containers and other household items. We provide you with a wide range of items like like portable bag closing machines, strapping machines. Our products are durable and are of the finest quality.

The most common materials used in home packaging are:

  • Metal- it is one of the most versatile packaging forms as it offers an excellent combination of physical protection. These kinds of metal packs can be recycled and is most commonly used to pack food materials. Aluminum and steel are the two most commonly used material in terms of packaging for example aluminum foil. Just like any other aluminum packaging, foil also provides as an excellent barrier to moisture, odor, micro organisms etc. They can be used to pack household items in bulk like party platters, bakery containers to name a few. They provide excellent protection against external elements.
  • Plastic- this is one of the most common material used for packaging everywhere. They maybe light, strong and cheap to manufacture at the same time, it is one of the most difficult materials to dispose. Plastic can be impact resistant and it provides a strong gas and moisture barrier but is moldable according to the household items. When it comes to home packaging machines and materials, plastic is used by almost everyone, especially in the form of Tupperware containers when someone needs to package food. As they don’t let in any external elements, the objects being packaged within these containers do not get damaged easily.

Paper and board – different kinds of paper in packaging are widely used because it is usually cost less and always holds its shape. Packaging that is produced using paper and board includes cartons, rigid boxes, and rigid boxes. This packaging material is easy to recycle and reuse. They are an ideal choice for transportation purposes. They are also easy to store away once you’re done using them as cardboard boxes and paper packages can be folded neatly and stored practically anywhere as they hardly take up any space. Such materials are used to package a variety of things like clothes, furnishings, kitchen equipment and so on, depending on your needs.

Carpet overedging machines, for the perfect touch


Carpet over-edgingmachines are used to provide finishing touches to the carpets. These machines are usually used to bind the edges of a rug, making for a perfect finish for the carpet. In the process of over-edging, the edges of the carpet are sewn together with a cloth that could be made of different materials. This process can be carried out using a variety of materials including wool, cotton, nylon and many more. Over-edging also involves sewing together of 2 carpets, while ensuring that the two parts don’t stand out as two different entities but as one complete product.

The use of carpet over-edging machines eases the whole work flow for the industry. Not just carpets, these machines can be used for a variety of articles including rugs, stair runners, car and floor mats amongst others. These machines are available in a variety of configurations and can be used for several different types of carpets or mats. Every carpet needs to be passed as a finished product. The uses of these machines in the industry can be found in various aspects of finishing of the articles. Be it the smoothing over the edges of any carpet or combining two or more carpets, the use of an over-edging machine can be highly advantageous for all users. One of the best things about using equipment such as this is that they are completely automated and they eliminate the hassles of any human errors that may occur along the way. This means that when you need to create specific products and in bulk, it can be done very efficiently and quickly.

A carpet with rough unprotected edges runs the risk of getting spoilt very soon. Using carpet-over edging machines can be helpful in obtaining smooth edges. A large variety of these machines is available in the market with two kinds leading the way. The 2-thread and the 3-thread varieties of these machines are adept at handling a variety of tasks of binding and sewing of carpets. Used for different purposes and materials, these machines can be used to ensure the perfect finish for different kinds of carpets and rugs. These machines are also great tools to make the whole process faster and easier for the users. These tools also help in increasing the productivity of any related organization, with the adjustments and modifications made to the carpets as per requirements.

A Brief Introduction To Bag Closing Threads

Every packaging industry requires bag closing threads that are available in different types. The market includes an extensive range of bag closing thread makers who are found in almost every city of Dubai, UAE. These threads are primarily used for sewing purposes of different sewing production bags, garments, sacks and apparels. High quality cotton, polypropylene and spun polyester are used in the making of these threads.They are created with the help of raw material that is developed in-house in order to their high quality. Advanced and hi-tech machines are utilized in the making of these bag closing threads in Dubai. This ensures the smooth production of this technologically advanced range.


Threads With High Tensile Strength And Fine Finish

They feature high tensile strength and fine finish and are typically used in a number of textile industries for numerous sewing purposes. It is easy to obtain these products from an offline or online store. They come in different colors and length. Using With the highly advanced technology, these threads are spun with unmatched quality fibers at the manufacturing unit. Some of their most prominent features include wrinkle high strength, resistance, and immaculate finish.

Polypropylene Bag Closing Threads

Bag closing threads made up of polypropylene are used to stitch the mouths of bags and sacks. These products are quite popular for their various amazing properties, including being durable and resistant to abrasion and heat. The PP high strength industrial bag closing threads are available in a huge variety and used by many industries like Flour Mills, Sugar, Grains and Fertilizers to close the mouth of bags and sacks. The PP stitching threads come in as many as 50 different colors. All the coloring work is conducted by the dope dying process, so the colors are bright, vibrant and do not fade with the time.

Where Should I Buy Them From?

Using sophisticated machinery and following international standards of production, industrial polypropylene threads are designed to perform different bag closing purposes. They are popular for the properties that include durable, strong, and flexible. Industrial bag closing threads in Dubai are smooth, silky, shiny, soft, moisture resistant and antimicrobial & bacteria free. Thus, it is easy to clean them. Reputed thread makers always believe in offering the products that are of utmost quality and available at reasonable prices. These threads can be used for different applications, including fertilizer bags, any mouth closing of cement sacks, chemical bags, sugar bags and granules bags.

Bag Making Machines – A Valuable Asset For A Packaging Industry

la-5-largeThese days, there are various bag making machine suppliers and manufactures who offer these machines in different models and designs.

Bags are sold everywhere for helping individuals to hold various things. These days, there are various bag making machine suppliers and manufactures who offer these machines in different models and designs. All the reputed companies provide an exclusive variety of these products at an affordable price range. Good companies also maintain their website from where you can buy your products at a comparatively low price.

Some of the widely popular machines are given below:

  • Bag Making Machinery
  • Packaging
  • Binding
  • Paper Bag Making Machines, etc.

Different Types of Bag Packing Machines

The primary objective of conducting the packaging task is to pack your products and objects in order to provide them with the ultimate protection. These machineries are available in the market in multiple designs and price range.

Automated Packaging Machines – They are the most in-demand products in the packaging industry. These machines are used for varied purposes, including labeling and marking. Available in different models and styles, these machines can be bought from any recognized supplier.

Packaging Machineries – The task of wrapping the products and items can be easily done using these machines. They are primarily used for closing the loose ends by folding as well as sealing it with the help of heat or adhesive.

Box Packing- Various tasks, including cutting, closing and sealing can be conveniently done using these automatic  packaging machines. These products also come with various advanced features.

Side Seal– Like many other machines, they are also available with their own features.  Delivering considerable strokes per minute, these products have become an excellent choice for LDPE / HDPE / PP / BOPP films. You can make a huge assortment of bags with the help of these machines.

Bottom Seal Bag Making Machines – These machinery are found in the market in different types. You will find purchase anything from the market – from those high speed bottom seal machines, which are best suited for LDPE, HDPE and PP Films to the variety of machines that can be used for making Heavy duty LDPE and HDPE Liner bags.

Soft Loop Handle – Whether it is a need to convert a Tubular roll into a Side Seal bag or want to transform a lay flat film into a side seal bag, these machines are perfect for this job. The availability of the Dual Servo System allows this equipment to produce the outcomes in greater number.

Patch Handle – In general, these bag making machines are known for delivering the results in high quantity. For example, it can make up to approximately 75 bags per minute. They also come with a Servo motor system, which is basically used for indexing and accuracy.

Zip Lock – These machineries are especially used for constant duty and maintenance free operation. They come with amazing features, which make this equipment operation-friendly, more efficient and reliable items in the packaging industry.

All in all, the information given above will definitely give you an idea why bag making machines are appreciated by a huge population of mass all across the globe.

A Comprehensive Guide to Diverse Range of Sewing Threads

imagesSewing thread is available in the market in different sizes represented in numbers or alphabets. In fact, good number is meant to deliver the finest quality of the thread.

Where letters are used to indicate the size, A is finer while D is heavier. Due to having special finishes, mercerized threads are found to be smoother. General purpose threads are a form of threads primarily used on light and medium fabrics, while the usage of the heavy duty threads is common where the stitches require extra strength like in many upholstery projects. Polyester, cotton, nylon, silk, and cotton wrapped polyester with nearly size 50 are a few samples of the general purpose threads. The threads having size of above 50 are finer, best suited for sheer fabrics. The polyester, coarse cotton and cotton-wrapped polyester threads containing approximate size 40 are known as the heavy duty threads suitable for sewing heavy vinyl, coating or upholstery fabrics.

Have a look at Right Sized Thread for Different Fabrics

  • A mercerized thread having a size of approximately 60 is good for light weight fabrics such as batiste, crepe, chiffon, etc. This thread is 100% polyester or cotton wrapped polyester.
  • A mercerized thread having a size of 50 is perfect for medium weight fabrics like corduroy, flannel, muslin, gabardine, linen, gingham, wool crepe, etc. The product can be 100% polyester or cotton wrapped polyester.
  • A mercerized thread containing a size of approximately 40 is best suited for medium heavy weight fabrics like bonded wovens, coating, canvas, duck, denim, sailcloth, etc.
  • For knits such as double knits, bonded knits, tricot, jersey, etc., somewhat fine polyester, or cotton wrapped polyester threads are a great choice.

Several Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Sewing Thread

  • First of all, consider the strength of the thread and the purpose it will be used for.
  • All-purpose polyester threads are suitable for many projects done using a sewing machine.
  • Check its compatibility with the fabric’s structure and choose the one that is similar in fiber content of the fabric for sewing projects.
  • Now match thread’s color with the most dominant color in the fabric. If you find a problem, in this regard, then it is wise for you to select the one that is one or two shades darker. You are not recommended to go for lighter shades.
  • Use polyester thread for stretchy or synthetic fabrics.

You can also opt for fine cotton or silk threads for delicately woven fabrics like lingerie or sheer garments.