Carpet overedging machines, for the perfect touch


Carpet over-edgingmachines are used to provide finishing touches to the carpets. These machines are usually used to bind the edges of a rug, making for a perfect finish for the carpet. In the process of over-edging, the edges of the carpet are sewn together with a cloth that could be made of different materials. This process can be carried out using a variety of materials including wool, cotton, nylon and many more. Over-edging also involves sewing together of 2 carpets, while ensuring that the two parts don’t stand out as two different entities but as one complete product.

The use of carpet over-edging machines eases the whole work flow for the industry. Not just carpets, these machines can be used for a variety of articles including rugs, stair runners, car and floor mats amongst others. These machines are available in a variety of configurations and can be used for several different types of carpets or mats. Every carpet needs to be passed as a finished product. The uses of these machines in the industry can be found in various aspects of finishing of the articles. Be it the smoothing over the edges of any carpet or combining two or more carpets, the use of an over-edging machine can be highly advantageous for all users. One of the best things about using equipment such as this is that they are completely automated and they eliminate the hassles of any human errors that may occur along the way. This means that when you need to create specific products and in bulk, it can be done very efficiently and quickly.

A carpet with rough unprotected edges runs the risk of getting spoilt very soon. Using carpet-over edging machines can be helpful in obtaining smooth edges. A large variety of these machines is available in the market with two kinds leading the way. The 2-thread and the 3-thread varieties of these machines are adept at handling a variety of tasks of binding and sewing of carpets. Used for different purposes and materials, these machines can be used to ensure the perfect finish for different kinds of carpets and rugs. These machines are also great tools to make the whole process faster and easier for the users. These tools also help in increasing the productivity of any related organization, with the adjustments and modifications made to the carpets as per requirements.

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